Our Financial Education Curriculum

Our curriculum spans all topics related to financial literacy and more are added every month. We focus on the important topics students need to learn so they can be independent, financially-minded adults, and include real-world examples and activities. All our topics include video lectures, in-class activities, and lesson plans as well as quizzes with question banks so you can ensure your students understand the content.

Video Content to Entertain and Educate

Financiio offers a library of hundreds of short and entertaining videos to teach students the importance of being financially literate.

  • Our video content is bite-sized and digestible to cover hundreds of topics related to financial literacy.

  • Teachers can browse our entire library and customize which videos students need to watch.

  • Each video includes written notes and links to more resources for students to explore.

Customizable to Fit Your Classroom Needs

Our content is 100% customizable and can be supplemental to your already existing content or can replace it entirely. How you want to utilize our content is up to you. You can email us to get connected to our content team and we can help you understand what you need in your class.

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