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About Us

Financiio began in 2019.

Our team struggled with financial literacy in their youth and they don't want others to do the same.

💡 Connor Hastey-Palindat


Connor loves dogs of any size and breed and named his after chicken nuggets.


💡 Daphny Budaz


Daphny is a grandma at heart and enjoys things, like knitting sweaters, drinking tea, and baking cookies.


Empower your students with financial literacy.

Our Mission

Our team's drive is from our passion for helping people - teachers, students, our community.

Every member of our team has experienced the challenges stemming from a lackof financial literacy, and together we are creating a solution for all Canadians

Our vision is to create a world where every youth is financially literate. While we know this is a seemingly impossible goal, we also believe that by shifting the narrative and empowering our students, we can empower them to lead better lives through financial literacy.

Our Team

We are a small team of experts in:

💡 Co-Founders

🤙 Marketing

✏️ Curriculum

📦 Product

🎨 Design

Connor Hastey-Palindat

Daphny Budaz

Jehdi Aizon

Steven Lin
Curriculum Manager

Golman Shirali
Curriculum Manager

Clarisse Buniel
Video Editor

Yuanmao Zhu
Full Stack Developer

Richmond Naviza
Back-End Developer

Deneille Guiseppi
Back-End Developer

Mariella Palma
Community Builder

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